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Business Forcasting

ENGLANDER:ON PROCESS utilizes customized forecasting tools that enable clients to more effectively manage their business. Accurately forecasting business performance is critical to managing any enterprise. Our process includes the collection and analysis of vital customer information and conducting interviews with individual sales team members.


Through this course of action we typically conduct a review of projects planned, the reasons for either gaining or losing specific business in the last year and identifying best practices.  Our experience indicates that a collaborative approach results in team support for implementing new strategies.

Sales Accountability

A review of sales performance for current and prior periods is key to articulating expectations for future sales and profit. ENGLANDER:ON PROCESS believes that sales team members should be involved in developing projections that translate into individual sales and profit objectives, while taking in to consideration the company’s needs. Engaging the team in the planning implicitly and explicitly holds the individual salespeople accountable for what has been agreed to.

Overall revenue and profit goals for the company are factored into the planning process for individual goals.

Revenues and Profit Goals

Branding and Marketing

Since 1995 we have developed branding and marketing strategies that have resulted in significant incremental business growth in existing markets and expansion in to new markets.


ENGLANDER:ON PAPER provides consulting services to paper merchants and paper manufacturers.  Our depth of knowledge and experience in paper distribution sales and marketing brings an innovative and proven approach to challenges facing paper merchants. 


ENGLANDER:ON PAPER has advised paper manufacturers on branding, marketing strategy, product innovation and market development.